Exercise: configuring Extreme Summit as access router

Note: use 'tab' for command list and command completion

Basic configuration from scratch

login: admin
password: [Hit Enter]

To wipe switch:
# unconf switch all                        Wipe switch entirely

# conf account admin                       Set passwords: 
Password: t2@afnog                         admin = readwrite
Re-enter password: t2@afnog                user  = readonly
# conf account user
Password: t2@afnog
Re-enter password: t2@afnog
# conf snmp community readwrite "t2@afnog"
# conf snmp sysname "t2-router17"          Set system name
# save conf                                Write to flash


# show switch                              System parameters
# show conf                                Config file
# show vlan                                Show all vlans and
                                           port assignments
# show port 1-8 conf                       Show port status

Setting up IP routing

To set up for routing: remove some ports from vlan 'default', create a new vlan for each subnet, assign these vlans to ports, add an IP address to each vlan, and enable routing

# conf vlan default del ports all          Remove all ports

# create vlan core1
# conf vlan core1 add port 1
# conf vlan core1 ipaddress
# enable ipforwarding vlan core1
# disable ipforwarding broadcast

(At this point, since you have an IP address, you can ping other machines on the same subnet as you

# enable ospf                              Master OSPF enable
# enable iproute sharing                   Equal-cost multipath

# conf ospf add vlan core1
# conf ospf vlan core1 authentication md5 1 "t2@afnog"
# conf ospf vlan core1 cost 100
 (conf ospf vlan core1 timer 5 1 2 8       hellointerval = 2s)

Note: with current software, you must actually enable OSPF communication on each interface to get its route announced (i.e. there is no "redistributed connected"). This bug will be fixed in an upcoming release.

Monitoring IP routing

# show iproute                             Forwarding table
# show ospf area                   OSPF summary
# show ospf interfaces                     OSPF neighbors
# show fdb                                 Layer 2 fwd database
# show iparp                               ARP cache

Last updated 2000-05-02