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Welcome instructors!

Here you can upload new network workshop related materials, find previous materials and download them, join a discussion group or mailing list, and participate in peer reviews of workshop materials.

Uploading Training Materials

If you have workshops materials (presentations, lab exercises, sample code, etc.), or standalone network training materials that you are willing to share with the community you can upload them here. If your materials are or were part of a workshop our interface will allow you to associate the materials with the correct workshops. In addition, you can choose from several licenses to specify the condtions under which your materials can be used. This license will be displayed as part of search results that include your materials. When users download your materials they will see the license type you have selected and will have to agree to abide by the specified license before downloading.

Downloading Materials

This will take you to the Search Materials link where you can search for network workshop materials by author, topic, year, language, how licensed, or just view all materials. In addition, if you search for workshops you can see all associated materials with each workshop. Once you find materials that you are interested in you can download them directly from this site.

Join a Mailing List

By joining a mailing list you can interact with other instructors about training materials, upcoming workshops, ask for advice or peer review, answering questions or receive answers to questions you may have.

Peer Review

Here you can review other instructor's materials or ask for your peers to review your own curriculum materials. This can be invaluable for those preparing to teach at network workshops, particularly if you are teaching a topic for the first time. We use a weblog to allow for material uploads, on-line comments, and a free-flow conversation concerning potential materials.

If you wish to edit entries, upload files, etc. you can log in as user "Guest" with password "guest". Note the uppercase "G". Or, you can register for your own account.