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Available Educational Materials

This site is a repository of information resources and educational materials for network training workshops. If you would like to contribute teaching materials to the site, or offer your services as a potential instructor or workshop organizer, please contact us at

Search for Presentations

Search here.

You can find presentations related to network workshops, and that have been uploaded as standalone items as well. All presentations are downloadable. The presentations include hand-on lab excercise as well. If you are logged in you can view comments on individual files if the instructor who uploaded the file made any. Please note the license attached to materials when you use them.

Search for Workshops

Search here.

This search interface will allow you to find all past and future workshops listed on this site. You can find workshops by year, region, or by name. In addition, you can choose to see all materials related to each workshop if you wish.

Complete Materials Listing

Is available here.

View a comprehesive list of workshop presentations located at this site ordered by year then alphabetically with topics listed.

Upload New Materials

Upload workshop related materials (presentations, exercises, etc.) that belong to a work, or that are standalone. You will need to be logged in to do this to avoid potential site-abuse issues. If you do not already have an account you can can create one here.

Help Documents

Are available here.

A general repository of help documents that organizations have used for end-users with general and specific network questions (i.e. how to configure a dial-up connection, etc.).

Source Code Examples

Are available here.

We provide source code in several languages for items that have been used to help with network workshops, network configuration, and dynamic web sites. You can see some of the source code for this site as one example.