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ISOC Workshop Resource Centre

This resource provides a repository of:

The Workshop Resource Centre is one of the many education initiatives supported by the Internet Society.

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Recently Added Materials

IPv6 Routing Workshop

Routing and BGP Multihoming Workshops

BGP Routing Workshop (IPv4 and IPv6)

Multi-week Network Systems Course


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Recently Added or Updated Network Events

APNIC IPv6 Workshop & Network Security Tutorial APNIC IPv6 Workshop & Network Security Tutorial
Funafuti , Tuvalu
2014 Apr 23-28

APNIC IPv6 Workshop APNIC IPv6 Workshop
Islamabad, Pakistan
2014 Aug 25-27

e-AGE 2014 e-AGE 2014
Muscat, Oman
2014 Dec 10-11

Calendar of Network Events

2019 Apr 8-10


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