The originally planned curriculum (see [PokharaWorkshopCurriculumOriginal] was adjusted during the workshop, taking into account the participants experience levels and expectations.

A full archive version of the workshop wiki is available here:


  • Breakfast: 7.30 h
  • Morning session: 9.00 - 12.30 h (with a little break in the middle)
  • Lunch: 12.30h
  • Afternoon session: 14.00h - 18.30h (with tea and snack break)
  • Dinner: 21.00h
  • Evenings: open for LABs, meeting in the workshop room, questions, exercise, ...

Day by Day

Monday, 14 Sept

  • Arrivals during the day

Tuesday, 15 Sept

  • The Nepalwireless / Mustang Network - Intro [Indiver]
  • How to share what we learn - introduction to working with wikis [Sebastian] - demo and exercise with workshop servers' mediawiki

LAB1: Wireless configuration lab: APs - with focus on Ubiquiti & Linksys gear - building a simple Mustang network in the classroom

Wednesday, 16 Sept

  • continue LAB1: Configuration

LAB 2: Link Budgets [[Sebastian] - wireless_link__budget_slides_edit_nepal.pdf

Thursday, 17 Sept

LAB3: Radio_Mobile

  • Preparing village work for next week; calculate and evaluate possibilties for a 400 km link

Friday, 18 Sept

  • Power over Ethernet, grounding, and lightning protection [Sebastian]
  • Outdoor installation
    • General weather protection, lightning protection and grounding

LAB4: BWireless device configuration, continued

Saturday, 19 Sept

  • Preparation of Village Installations: Link planning, node sheets, equipment configuration, logistics

LAB5: Wireless device configuration for actual deployment

Additonal evening sessions and sessions during deployment

  • Dimensioning of solar power systems (needs material)
  • PoE practical (needs material)
  • GNU/Linux basics, installing and running Ubuntu
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