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The ISOC Workshop Resource Centre hosts network workshop and training pages as requested. Below is a list of the workshops currently hosted. If you are interested in having your network-related training or educational workshop web site hosted on this server contact the site administrator by sending email to In addition you can request a wiki or create a calendar to help with your event planning.

ISOC ccTLD Workshop Series

A top-level page with links and discussion of all ISOC ccTLD workshops is available here.


2010 Workshops Directory


Feb 20-24: APRICOT 2008: Network Management and NOC Workshop: Manilla, Philippines.


Feb 20-24: APRICOT 2008: Network Management and NOC Workshop: Taipei, Taiwan.

Mar 11-15: AIT Network Monitoring and Management Workshop: Bangkok, Thailand.

May 25-Jun 3: AfNOG 2008 (System Admin Track): Rabat, Morocco. In addtion a detailed planning Trac was used here.

Jun 9-12: AIT Wireless Network Security Workshop: Bangkok, Thailand.

Jun 29-Jul 5: Fourth PacNOG Meeting and Workshops: Porte Vila, Vanuatu.

Sep 15-19: ISOC Advanced ccTLD & DNSSEC Workshop: Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Nov 10-14: WALC 2008: Taller de Gestión de Redes: Mérida, Venezuela.


Jan 14-18: SANOG 9: IP Services Workshop: Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Feb 14-17: ccTLD Workshop: Georgetown, Guyana.

Mar 12-16: LinuxChix Africa Workshop: Nairobi, Kenya.

Apr 22-27: AfNOG 2007 (photos only): Abuja, Nigeria.

Jun 16-22: Third PacNOG Meeting, Conference and Workshop: Rarotonga, Cook Islands.

Aug 29-Sep 2: SANOG 10: Network Operations and Management Workshop: New Delhi, India.

Nov 26-29: ccTLD Workshop: Amman, Jordan.


Jun 18-24: Second PacNOG Meeting and Workshops: Maluafou, Samoa.

Jun 20-23: ccTLD Workshop: Maluafou, Samoa.

Oct 20-22: DNSSec Deployment Workshop for .sn: Dakar, Sénégal.


Jan 10-15: Pre-SANOG VI Network Workshop: Thimphu, Bhutan.

Jun 19-25: First PacNOG Meeting and Workshop: Nadi, Fiji.

Jul 16-20: SANOG VI Workshops: Thimphu, Bhutan.

Sep 12-15: ccTLD Workshop Nairobi: Nairobi, Kenya.

Dec 7-10: Atelier ccTLD: Dakar: Dakar, Sénégal.


Dec 17-21: Atelier DNS AfTLD: Administration technique des noms de domaine internet nationaux: Yaoundé, Cameroun.

Feb 29-Mar 6: CEDIA: Taller de Entrenamiento sobre Redes Avanzads: Quito, Ecuador.

Jun 19-22: ccTLD Workshop Amsterdam: Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Jul 21: ICANN Meetings: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Jul 23-27: SANOG IV IP Services: Kathmandu, Nepal.

Jul 26-31: CEDIA2: 2do Taller de Entrenamiento sobre Redes Avanzadas: Guayaquil, Ecuador.

Oct 7-11 19-22: ccTLD Workshop Bangkok: Bangkok, Thailand.