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Here we have put together a set of tools to aid in your workshop planning. If you have your own tools that might be of help to others, and you are willing to share them, then please feel free to contact us at so that we can consider them for inclusion on this site.

Budget Spreadsheets

These are sample spreadsheets that other workshop organizers have used in the past to help budget workshop expenses. These spreadsheets are available in several different formats. Read more...

Create a Calendar

You can create a calendar for an upcoming workshop for planning purposes. We have purchased a license for the Webcalng online calendar software. This software allows you to create calendars, assign access to your calendars to other users, set reminders, etc. With this tool you can keep track of workshop planning dates among a group of planners, and other persons helping to plan the workshop can update the calendar as needed. Read more...

Create a Wiki

If you wish to request a wiki to be used for planning purposes for a network event we can host a wiki for you. You can request a new wiki or you can view a list of currently hosted wikis. We use the Oddmuse wiki engine for our locally hosted wiki sites. Read more...

Discussion Tools & Mailing Lists

We make available several workshop-specific mailing lists for Instructors, Organizers and Students, as well as a peer review weblog for instructors wanting feedback on their teaching materials. In addition, we allow registered users of this site to create their own mailing lists to help with items such as workshop planing. Read more...

Help Documents

Are available here.

A general repository of help documents that organizations have used for end-users with general and specific network questions (i.e. how to configure a dial-up connection, etc.).

Planning Checklists

Here are several sample workshop planning checklists and guides that you may find useful. Read more...

Sample Evaluation Forms

Sample workshop registration and evaluation forms from actual workshops that have been held over the years. Read more...

Source Code Examples

Are available here.

We provide source code in several languages for items that have been used to help with network workshops, network configuration, and dynamic web sites. You can see some of the source code for this site as one example.